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Glam ain't dead, babe! Here's proof. - 93%

IWP, July 16th, 2008

Glam/hair metal (whatever you want to call it) is often the misunderstood brother of heavy metal. While it was very popular back in the 80s, today it is often mocked by many. From the trendy scene kids with their gay combovers, to preps, to even metalhead elitists that do nothing with their lives but sit in front of their computer screen and shit on bands that they think suck.

However, I believe that glam metal is slowly startring to regain it's popularity and it's only a matter of time before glam becomes mainstream again. Bands like Motley Crue and Poison are gaining lots of new fans, and are releasing new albums, then there's new glam bands who are forming. This is where Crashdiet come in. They are a great example of how glam is slowly starting to make a comeback.

Crashdiet are one of the best new glam metal bands to come out of Sweden or anywhere else for that matter. On this album, their music sounds like a mix between the riffs of early Motley Crue and Skid Row and the sound and vibe of Ratt. The singer even tends to sound like the singer from Ratt except a bit more interesting. This is definently a metal album, no denying that. The riffs are certainly there, and this band keeps 'em coming. Top it off with the fun vibe of 80s glam and you have yourself a great new glam metal album that any true fan of the genre could enjoy.

The best songs on her ewould have to be Riot in Everyone, Queen Obscene 69 Shots, Breakin the Chainz which is not a Dokken cover by the way, and the almost speed metal sounding Straight Outta Hell. Queen Obscene tends to stand out the most with it's extra catchy chorus that is doen so well. Straight Outtta Hell rocks the hell outta you with some insane riffs and awesome solos.

If you're a hardcore fan of glam metal and want to hear some new shit from the genre then you can't go wrong with Rest in Sleaze. Even those who think that the genre is "dead" will be easily proven otherwise. If more bands like Crashdiet form, then it's only a matter of time before glam metal makes a full comeback to the mainstream success it enjoyed back in the 80s. In the meantime, rock out to some Crashdiet, because you won't regret doing so!