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Glam is Back Bitch!! - 98%

drummer24, September 12th, 2012

Well for the longest time, despite my love for NWOBHM, thrash, and death metal, I've had a huge place in my bleeding metal heart for good hair metal bands. However, it seemed as soon as the clock struck midnight on 1989, there hasn't been a single good new band since the 80's heyday of this genre. That was until I heard Generation Wild by Crashdiet.

Now I was skeptical when I first heard this because, except for the awesome ass kicking power of Steel Panther, all new hair metal bands suck ass. But as soon as the song “Generation Wild" kicked in it was like wow this band fuckin rocks. Singer Simon Cruz sounds like a mix of LA Guns' Phil Lewis and Sebastian Bach from Skid Row and he absolutely rips it on this record. He can hold a tone even with the electric thunder of Martin Sweet raging behind him but he can falsetto with best of them.

Songs like "Down with the Dust" and "Chemical" just ooze out of the speakers like liquid sex with force to boot and ear catching choruses that will be burned into your brain for weeks. Sweet goes with the Mick Mars School of rock guitar: simple, sweet, and super fuckng raunchy. His riffs aren't technical but they just hit that right spot that just gets your blood pumping and with the solid rhythm section of Pete London and Eric Young weigh down the band’s sound and are the lynch pin that keeps the whole train running, especially on faster tracks such as "Armageddon" and "Rebel".

This whole record is the best they've recorded and is all killer-no filler in every sense of the word. They even throw in a ballad here and there, "Save Her" and "Beautiful Pain", but unlike Winger or White Lion these power ballads pack a lot more power than ballad and can hold their own with the faster heavier stuff on here.

Overall if you’re someone who digs the Crue, GNR, Skid Row, WASP, or just love 80's kick ass rock n roll, you've got to give this one a listen.