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One uncompromising slab of BM horror - 98%

The_Ghoul, August 28th, 2005

Well, it's obvious Craft listened to darkthrone a lot, as they feature the cover that's been on about 50% of all kvlt classics. However, one surprise is, Craft does it better than darkthrone. It's better produced, but without losing the atmosphere. The vokills are the grimmest I've ever heard, and the guitars are so doomy and grim, that this unholy marriage of doom metal and black metal makes sense, and is much more unholy than anything most of the straight bm bands could offer.

The songs are alike, but they aren't repetitive; i.e. they have similar structure and the riffs are cohesive and linear, but it's not 38 minutes of the some three riffs and their variations. The songs themselves contain many riffs, and in some ways the riffs aren't black but doom metal. In any case, this blows darkthrone out of the water, simply because it's grimmer, darker, faster, and heavier. Not that the whole album is fast; far from it. There are lots of slow parts, which is nice, because it adds variety. But the drummer practices, and it's obvious.

Now, this stuff isn't for pretenders. As bands such as Darkthrone are going stale, this is really a new, more uncompromising, slab of BM for the 21st century. It should be obvious this isn't for symphonique metal freaks, and it's not for speed freaks either. This is pure hate, boiled down to it's most distilled form. No impurities, no moments of not hating. This is pure satanic terror fucking propaganda.