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Craft - Fuck The Universe - 100%

Phuling, April 19th, 2008

Damn, this is some evil shit here. From the very first, to the very last, riff it's nothing but a pure joy of blasphemic chants. Chilling riffs, pounding drums, vicious vocals and hateful lyrics. The title should tell you the latter one.

Every note is filled with such despise it's unbelievable, you can actually see the hatred crawl out of your speakers, and feel them infecting your mind. Bloody marvellous old school black metal, where it feels like this is the album all others are inspired by, but failing to live up to. It's just that great! The artwork, lyrics, music, vocals - It all works together in perfect chaotic harmony (harmony feels like the wrong word to use here, but you know what I mean). If you want your music chilling, raw, vicious and evil then this is for you. As far as old school goes it doesn't get any better than this. Pure and simple: a masterpiece!

Craft is the razor in your wrists, the noose around your neck, the shotgun in your throat, a plague to be unleashed on mankind, a fucking A-bomb of pure hate. I'll leave you with this

- Hate... the clouds, the rain, the air that lets life-forms breathe. ... The land, the sea, the places where the humans breed. ... The skyline, the zenith, where the sun rises, travels and sets. ... The homes, the lands, the places of shelter for man. Back to your past, human. //Craft - Xenophobia.

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