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Fuck yeah! - 100%

Dark_Identity, October 30th, 2005

Craft! Now that's a band that deserves an exclamation point. These guys rock, and they rock hard. Perhaps "rock" isn't that right description for the sound of a Swedish black metal band, but Craft seems to bring a sense of rhythm and attitude that most of their noisier fellows seem to lack. From the first listen, one can tell that this band is heavily influenced by Darkthrone. Alot of the riffs sound very familiar, but they take on their own glamour. The difference is that Craft has a thick, full, and surprisingly well-produced sound. Fuck the Universe may not be as "cold" or "necro" as other black metal albums out there, but here we find great attitude, violence, and sheer aggression.

Everything on this album is flawless to me, it appears to be very well rehearsed. Although, this band is probably good enough to have gone right into the studio and recorded without first running through the songs on their own. The production is top notch. This isn't a 4-track home studio recording, this is big. Very rich, and very clear. Don't you love it when a black metal band forks over the money and loses the grimness to sound clear and crushing?

Now, on to the quality of the instruments. The guitars on Fuck the Universe are quite varied. The guitars that appear in most songs remind me of Darkthrone's "In the Shadow of the Horns". The difference is that they are more up-tempo. There are plenty of break downs, moments of slow crushing riffs, and fast-paced attacks. Even a few guitar solos show up, but we aren't talking Yngwie Malmsteen. Harsh and bizzarre. The vocals are probably my favorite part of the album. This guy sounds like a mix between Abbath, Nocturno Culto, and Nattefrost. Grim, raspy, and downright hateful. It's especially enjoyable when he draws out the rasping to get an evil effect. Drums are quite varied, there's alot of nice beats in here. It's nothing remarkable, but it fits the music very well. I haven't caught a fuck up yet. This isn't Abbath on "Battles in the North". This guy knows what he's doing. I can't hear bass very well, but I can't deny it's presence. It adds to the thickness of the recording, which is definitely a plus.

Fuck the Universe is a black metal gem. If only other modern BM acts would cut the synths, the gayness, and the overall bullshit maybe there will be a future for the genre. Follow the example of Craft. Misantrophy, hate, and great sound!