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What Cradle And The Fans Needed - 90%

The_Cry_Of_Mankind, October 5th, 2006

The last two Cradle Of Filth albums have been…well terrible, and I was almost one hundred percent sure this one would be no exception, and I am very glad to say I was wrong, on this album for the first time since the classic ‘Cruelty And The Beast’, Cradle Of Filth sound, inspired with new ideas, fresh and just plain out fantastic.

The first thing you will notice after the epic opening track is that the material is in the vein of the more thrashier sound of the last two albums, without the gothic keyboard sound draining out the riffage and brilliantly layed down drums by the highly underrated Adrian Erlandsson(prepare for blast beats), Dirge Inferno may be one of the weaker tracks on the album, but all faith is brought back by the mighty ‘Tonight In Flames’, here we have fast drums, harsh vocals, and thrash riffs even destruction fans could appreciate, and a great keyboard breakdown in the middle, also Dani Filth shows his clean side to his vocal range, which to be honest are pretty mediocre but they fit very well with the music.

The most ironic thing about this album is the fact that the song that most people dreaded has turned out to be a fan favourite (including myself), like Ville Valo or not, he sounds outstanding on ‘Byronic Man’ for the short time he spent singing on it, the melody he sings in and the twenty seconds of duet like vocals between him and Dani sure were a personal highlight for me.

Other tracks on the album are just a pleasure to listen to, so much experimentation, its really is a relief to hear this, when have you heard cradle of filth use robotic ‘Cynic’ like vocals?, when have you heard clean vocals backed up with high screams?, shredding solos, Acoustic guitar and a full blown band instrumental? I am very overwhelmed by how good this is, and I advise people who have given up faith on them to give this a chance, a strong contender for album of the year, and I cant believe I am saying that.