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Utter Shite: A Fan's Opinion - 10%

Reebz, November 1st, 2006

Oh how my hopes have been dashed once again. Being someone who has listened to Cradle for about 7-8 years now, this album has served to get them out of my system. They should have titled it Metalmucil. It was hyped as being thrashy, with talk about Paul flexing his soloist muscle. Too bad he can't write a riff for shit.

That's right I said it. This band has suffered since the departure of Gian and more so Martin, and Thornography would be exhibit A in the trial of the Metalheads v Cradle of Filth, for the charge of Attempted Music.

When I listen to an album I hear someone who has written 12 riffs, and decided to base a song around each one. Now while this can work for some, Cradle has failed miserably as the filler to pad the songs out is utterly boring. Take "Byronic Man" for instance, the main structure and pace of this song is so tiresome that you are actually happy to hear Ville Valo chime in towards the end. At least "English Fire" had some feeling to it.

Dani's vocals are completely messed up. I read on their website about how he tried all sorts of coaching and therapies to help his clean singing. Too bad the singing was terrible and the rest of his performance is flat.

The only highlight I could think of on this album would be "Rise of the Pentagram", the 7 minute instrumental (bar Doug Bradley's intro). Gone is Dani and in his place is some nice simple Violin; funny they do something like this after Martin's departure. I was hoping he would eventually bring in some of that heart wrenching My Dying Bride string work with him to Cradle, but alas....

As far as compostion goes, "Rise of the Pentagram" is decent. The guitars are nothing special, but they are layered well. The whole song is layered well, with Synths and choral arrangements keeping it interesting.

It beggars belief how people can compare this rubbish with the greatness of Midian. Midian was an album that came together so well, despite being a dramatic departure from their previous sound. Dani's lyrics were brilliant, Martin's compositions were beautiful and brilliantly complimented the guitars which just completely kicked arse. Thornography is like Caffine Free Diet-Midian; devoid of all flavour and enjoyment.

If you are new to Cradle I'd suggest Dusk, Midian, Vempire, and Cruelty (and yes, I actually listen to this for the riffs, 13 Autums, Bathory Aria, and Lustmord and Wargasm have some great guitars. The guitars and Synths on this album complimented each other perfectly.)

Hopefully once the boys are done touring for this album (why bother though, I wouldn't jump to hear any of this live), they will take some time off - much like Dimmu are right now - and return more visceral and venmous than ever.