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Cradle of Filth - Thornography - 75%

Orbitball, January 28th, 2013

Alright, well mixed reviews here mostly bad and that was my opinion at first listen as well. However, there is a different and less aggressive COF exhibited on this release. Just because it lacks the atmosphere that "Dusk...And Her Embrace" flourished with, "Thornography" still to me is a 60+ minute underrated release by the band. The vocals aren't really reaching that high end screaming here. More of a darker output with occasional spews of Dani Filth's efforts here. The music is more thrash metal like guitar work. It contains some original writing, but isn't as captivating as it's previous releases.

This release is still considered to be gothic metal with a slower, yet catchy riff-writing. The guitar fits the music pretty well. Though the mixing isn't the greatest nor is the guitar fueled with heavy tone distorted sound, it is a little fainter tone of axe-written riffs. The music is a lot slower like I previously mentioned, but I think that the band was just experimenting with their sound. Not nearly as good as their previous recordings, but still worth picking up if you're a die-hard COF fan. I enjoyed this album immensely, though I think that they could have put in more heavier or thicker guitar.

It sounds like they tune lower than D than their predecessors which in effect blends well with the throat. The rhythms seem to be well meshed in with Dani's everchanging voice. Some of the music is REALLY heavy and yet some of the guitar is more melodic. It's really all over the place, not in tempo changes, but the music. There really aren't many blast beats on here, just slower tempos filled with a lot of vocal screams mixed heavy end derivatives. Best to listen to the whole album before you end up criticizing it. They just wanted a different approach to me. Even though it isn't the best work they've done, it's still somewhat quality.

There are some lead guitar work going on here, though it's mostly filled with heavy dosing of rhythm guitar with melodies that are well fitting with the vocals. I'd have to say that one should listen to the WHOLE album before making an opinion of it. It is all over the place as I've previously mentioned. There are some quality tracks on here. Just because they slowed down here doesn't make it less worthy of praise in my view. There is still a dark atmosphere with the synthesizers and aura to it. Just less brain wrenching riffs that are catchy, yet totally slowed down like I said.

If you're looking for a mild COF release, "Thornography" is it. But if you're so ingrained and used to hearing them belt out high end screams and blast beating galore, I think that you would deem this album less than worthy than it should be. To me, I'd have to conclude that it's average, yet a lot of the music I really dig because it's fueled catchy riff-writing. Again, my view is to listen to the entire album before you begin to bash it. COF put forth a release that's totally gothic, thrash metal based and hits home well for me. That's just my view at least. Like it or hate it, I choose the former.