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And then came the disgrace. - 27%

DSOfan97, February 27th, 2016

Look at the title of the intro. Just look at it! 'Under Pregnant Skies... blah blah blah'. 'Nymphetamine' was bad but this one is truthfully the nadir. The band still demonstrates their fusion of goth music with black/thrash influences but it's all a polished turd (pun intended-check the tracklist of their 'Evermore Darkly' EP). There are plenty of groovy moments to be found in this album but those are of little worth as well.

The album's main flaws are; way too many lyrics, repetitive riffing over steady tempos and stale vocals and synths. However among the weak shrieks that Dani does, there also are some nice melodic lines, if you can call those vocals melodic. As for the soloing, that is just influenced by the power metal fretboard masturbation that dominates that genre which once was amazing. Cradle tries to be a flashy poppy band in this one and utterly fails to deliver the modern sound that they try to sell.

Let's take on the lyrics a little more shall we? Guess what the themes are in 'Thornography'... You guessed it! Evil female entities and doomed devilish romance! For fuck's sake Dani just get your shit together and start to write about other things. I've said it before, this stuff used to be cool in the 90's not now. As for the better part there is 'The Byronic Man' (okay that track is really great and the only reason this gets such a rating). There is romance in this one as well but Ville's voice makes it sound so damn elegant and well worked... I wish I could say the same for the rest of album.

Musical wise 'Thornography' is mostly barren. The same ideas are repeated over and over again and what's the result? Nothing. It is not as memorable as it should be and not half as complex as their early works. The style they play in here could have paid off better, instead it became their nemesis (more puns- I'm on fire right now!). They changed it later, obviously industrial-driven black/thrash is not Cradle's best. While the instruments are performed with certain level of technicality the production drowns their sound for the sake of the heavier moments.

To end this review I would like to point out that Cradle seem to be going upwards lately. Good for them but this one is just unforgivable. It came in a critical moment and threw the band deeper in the trench with low quality acts of other inferior leagues of bands. If I had to compare with a Maiden album (since Maiden is a major influence for Cradle) I'd say that this is their 'Virtual XI'. On a final note I cannot forgive them for releasing their worst work right on my birthday. That sucked.

Favorite tracks: 'The Byronic Man'.