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Cradle Not At Their Best - 55%

corviderrant, December 22nd, 2006

OK, we all admit it, we all want to see the "Per-Version" of the video of "From the Cradle To Enslave" more than anything else, right? Let's not mince words; it's worth a cheap thrill or three, but not really all that. Yes, there are boobies aplenty and a somewhat startling moment of female flashing that features entirely too many piercings in one spot...but really isn't all that shocking, unfortunately. Other than that it's pretty standard issue Cradle with its dark Gothic/pseudo-apocalyptic imagery and nothing special. Nice to watch now and again, but nothing special.

The "Making Of" the video is somewhat entertaining and Dani's snarky between song commentary is actually more witty than one would imagine. I liked his deadpan line about profanity in the video and then dryly reeling off a string of British cuss words. How very British of you, Mr. Davey! The other between song comments by guitarist at the time, Gian Pyras, are utterly superfluous and come off as tacked on for the sake of it. Boring, in short.

The live footage, featuring former drummer Nick Barker, is suitable and well-filmed with good picture quality. They reel off several songs from both "Dusk And Her Embrace" and "Cruelty and the Beast" and do an adequate job presenting them in that medium.

It irks me how Dani insists upon squealing out the last word of the song titles when introducing them, and while he puts on a good enough show, the band seems not terribly eager to be there. And he doesn't pull off the deep Goff spoken parts on the "Cruelty" material live, settling for an uninspired croak that sounds totally ridiculous. Nick as always relies on the triggers for his drum sound, so no surprises there. The rest of the mix is good enough to pass, with decent-sounding guitars and the bass just audible enough, and Dani's vocals (surprise surprise) the loudest thing here. Sara Jezebel Deva...while she is indeed hot, she looks totally bored and puts minimal effort into her performance.

This is best suited for completists, honestly. While it is entertaining at first, it doesn't really hold up to repeated viewings. An adequate addition to the Cradle ouevre, but nothing earth-shaking or devastating here.