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Worthless - 0%

WilliamAcerfeltd, May 4th, 2007

Cradle of Filth (COF) over time have become a band in the black metal scene which is just cool to hate, even despite the fact that they really aren't black metal anymore. They used to be bad, back in the late 90s, but now, this is just pathetic. They, like Dimmu Borgir, have become a sell out band, and the black metal fans who actually liked them have been replaced by faggoths and "depressive" 14 year old girls, who idolize the equally gay Manson.

This goes without saying that music just flat out sucks. After hearing Dusk and Her Embrace, I was under the impression that COF, were a pretty shit band and that you shouldn't approach them with a 10 foot poll. However, I decided to give them one last chance. Nymphetamine, was released 8 years later than Dusk, so I figured things might have improved. After all, Deathspell Omega's first releases were pretty shit and look at them now. However, unlike Deathspell Omega, COF haven't improved. If anything, they have got even worse.

It still amazed me that, even now, after the thousands of complaints against Dani's vocals. He's still doing them on this album, and if that wasn't enough, to add insult to injury, he hasn't even changed his style. They are still as ridiculously high-pitched and cheesy. Furthermore, the songs are packed full of lyrics, which means every song will be plagued with Dani's annoying vocals.

The riffs are boring and repeated excessively. This tends to make the songs overly long and boring as hell. For the most part the songs just meander around going nowhere, take Nemesis, for example. The song just takes forever to end, you think they are gonna finish, but then they start up again. The result is sickening. You can get away repeating the riff if: 1) the riff is good and 2) it gets you head banging. COF's riffs did neither. And, to make matters worse, we get 75 minutes of this, proving the old adage: "Great wealth brings great shame". No one likes 75 minutes of uninteresting songs, with no cool memorable parts.

The synths and keyboards are still used excessively in this album. This becomes a serious problem when they are competing with the guitars. Admittedly, this album IS more metal than Dusk, because the guitars often become more prominent, but this makes the album no better, let alone forgivable. Again, the synths and keyboards are cheesy, it sounds like they just ripped off the sound track to some b-grade version of Dracula or something.

Why are the female vocals used on virtually EVERY track here? They are one dimensional and are totally irrelevant to every song they feature on. They seem to be to just be haphazardly thrown into the songs. It was as if she was told to come into the song whenever she felt like it. Anyway, her singing qualities aren't even that good. If Dani's wants female vocals on an album, he should at least get someone who is really good, not just someone who is average.

I thought the lyrics were bad before, now they are just pathetic. Not only are the lyrics sleazy now, but they are stupid. Double whammy. Take the lyrics off track 2 for example:

"Dirty little soul frigger
Dirty little soul frigger
Dirty little soul frigger

Cunt (Cunt)
Gilded cunt
Oh, you gilded cunt

Those lyrics pretty much speak for themselves. Dani can still write some good lyrics, but the stupid theme of an evil woman is still there. Adding some lyrical variety into their songs would be a huge improvement. I thought Swansong for a Raven might be something new in the lyrical department, but unfortunately it wasn't. Even if you like the music but hate the lyrics, you still have to take in the lyrics anyway, because Dani is easy to understand.

There is a lot of filler in this album. As implied above guitar riffs are excessively repeated, there are pointless, stupid filler songs and interludes in the middle of songs. The only reason they are there was to make this album longer, for whatever reason.

All in all, to say this album sucks, would be an understatement. To say something like, this is the worst album since mallcore, then you'd probably come close to effectively summarising this album. Take all of the aforementioned issues, mash them all together and drag it on for 75 minutes, then you know you are going to get a nauseating listen. If COF were some abstract noise band whose intent was to aurally torture their victims, then I guess you could consider this album to be a success. Otherwise, this album is a total failure. How anyone could like this crap is beyond me.

Conclusion: The above is not recommended for download or purchase.