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Worthy Of At Least A Listen Through - 87%

LeftHandOvGod, May 23rd, 2007

I honestly don’t know what the fuck people are talking about when saying that Cradle Of Filth sucks. This band has a very dedicated fan base that does NOT consist of 14 year old Manson fans. Cradle makes good music…period.

First off, this album is not as bad as people say it is. I’ve been a Cradle fan for a while, and I’m far from disappointed with this album. With songs such as “Nemesis”, “Gilded Cunt”, and “Swansong For a Raven”, all on one album, how can anyone be disappointed? The vocals from Dani Filth aren’t bad either. Yes, they are high pitched and get annoying eventually, but he does some amazing vocal work, especially on this album. More specifically his vocals on “Gilded Cunt”. Despite the not so impressive lyrics on this particular track, Filth makes up for it with his high pitched shrieks and glass shattering wails.

Apart from the vocals being impressive, yet kind of annoying, the instrumental work on this album is, alone, worth taking a listen to. What makes the instrumental side of this album so impressive is the use of the keyboard, and how it mingles with the other, conventional, instruments. This is no more apparent than on “Swansong For A Raven”. This song opens with a few measures of piano (keyboard) notes, it alone sounds amazing, but what really makes this song is how the piano (keyboard) continues when the rest of the band joins in. The way the keyboard and the other instruments compliment each other is actually impressive. Even if you hate Cradle, take a listen to this song, it may not change your view of this band, but you won’t be disappointed with this song, no matter the band.

Overall, the feel of this album is that of change. Change in regards to how this album, compared to Cradle’s earlier releases, sounds. Early Cradle was more black metal, but with this album they have really stepped into the “gothic” genre of metal. But it really isn’t even gothic, in that its faster and harder…sharper. So in considering listening to this album, or buying/downloading, whatever, realize that this band is actually good, although many people say that Cradle of Filth is the retarded cousin of Dimmu Borgir and will never expand its fan base beyond pre-teen “rebellious” girls.

Highlights: “Nemesis”, “Gilded Cunt”, “Medusa and Hemlock”, “Swansong For A Raven”