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It's actually not THAT bad... - 65%

Spawn_of_Cthulhu, May 10th, 2004

Although just about everyone hates Cradle of Filth these days, I’m going to be daring and say that this album is pretty decent. First things first: There is NO black metal to be found here. None whatsoever. The guitars are a mix of heavy (noodly melodic leads, occasional Maiden-esque riffing) and death metal. The drums are pure death metal, with the bass drum very high in the mix. The fills leave a lot to be desired, but overall the drumwork is very tight and precise. The keyboards are actually very tastefully used for the most part- there’s a lot more emphasis on the guitars than in, say, Dimmu Borgir. Combined with the occasional use of strings and decent, though not earth-shattering, female vox, they create a beautiful, dark, feminine atmosphere. Dani’s vocals sound like some small animal being painfully raped, except when he’s trying to growl (these aren’t as bad, but are still pretty half-assed compared to most vocalists out there). The lyrics are just… silly. They sound like the faggy “poetry” of a particularly literate mallgoth. The production is very clear and bass-heavy, making the music sound almost… watery. I can’t really describe it further, but it’s a cool effect.

To sum it up: Midian is a very good album instrumentally, but it’s taken down several notches by shitty vocals and lyrics. I can’t fully recommend it, but if you’re looking for an enjoyable time-waster, then by all means give it a try.