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Cradle of Filth - Midian - 85%

Orbitball, January 28th, 2013

Almost an hour of vintage Cradle of Filth. The intensity, darkness, riff writing, vocals, and more deserve praise on this release. No song on here is lacking in any way as they put forth something so unequivical reflecting a bit upon their older work, but a little less intensity here though the music is surely the highlight. Atmospheric too and Dani's vocals are varied quite immensely. Not as high pitched as on "Dusk...And Her Embrace", they are still good despite that fact. They didn't really slow down here, I think that the guitar reigns on this one. Almost as good as Dusk, but not quite there.

There are blast beats, intensely made guitar action seemed to be in D-tuning as it sounds like, and variety in the vocal work. It's one release by this band that really hits a hold of vengeance and unmerciful outputs. Something that's lacking in their later works, although their newest has featured mixed ratings. Restoring the edge of the extreme gothic metal scene, COF is domineering and merciless on "Midian". They really belt out some of the most rad guitar riffs which fit perfect with the vocals. They are simply some of the most memorable guitar work on here that really packs a punch.

Never boring, never ceasing to amaze, COF really intrigues me in the best way possible. Most of the songs feature great rhythms and there is a heavy use of synthesizers that accompany the music. It really is a damn good extreme gothic metal release. An album that I could never get sick of hearing though there are parts where there is no guitar, just atmospheric synthesizers with Dani's high end vocals. Not as intense as Dusk, but the guitar still to me is quite original sounding. What I always look for in a band is the music itself. If it falls short on that measure, then the whole album suffers. "Midian" captivates me.

A lot of low end vocals spewing forth rigorous lyrical topics constructed by Dani alone. He doesn't lose his outstanding vocal duties with a nemesis here, he puts together an output that simply reigns. I'd say that there was a big use of the synthesizers here, but that's to create an atmosphere that simply dominates. It doesn't drown out the guitar work. It really augments it and fills it with something so irreperable. "Midian" to me is one of their greatest releases ever. The production simply reigns and all of the instruments here are well mixed in together and they all flow with magic.

If you want a kick ass COF album that in no way bores you or leaves you disappointed, then "Midian" is it. Simply captivating piece of work. Everything about the album to me is irreplaceable. So much atmosphere, doom and destruction in the music and to the listener's ear. It really hits home to me. If you dislike all of the synthesizers and low end vocals, forget all of that and just listen to how well they blend everything in together to make it an outstanding album. Nothing negative to say about this one, it really packs a punch in one's metal collection. Own it immediately!