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Midian - great album - 100%

AriesWarlock, April 27th, 2003

Although this album has been a deception to many old COF fans, I am happy to differ and say how great this album is. Of course it does not sound like any of their old albums. Is this bad? The answer is a clear NO! Midian brings us a new concept. It does not talk about vampires, but a place where demons, fallen angels, and monsters dwell, an idea whose origins come from the Old Testament.

I will start by saying it is good to hear Dani "singing" and doing less of those glass-breaking screeches. The guitars are really good, they are fast, melodic, and most importantly I think they emanate a bizarre and scary sound that seem to recreate nicely the ambient Dani had in mind for this album. Adrian was a great addition to the band. Frankly, I think he does a better job than Nicholas ever did. The drumming is noticeable faster and more elaborated than in previous albums. Martin does a good job giving the musical pieces the perfect ambient. Musically, Cradle of Filth has matured, and in Midian songs are more mature than those in previous albums like the great Amor e Morte. This album comes with a set of melodic, complex and heavy songs ready to defy whatever you thought Cradle of Filth has to be (for some people they have to be “vampiric” metal forever or it sucks).

I want to make a special mention regarding the Lord Abortion song, which I consider to be an unbelievable awesome song; I cannot get enough of it. Have you read this song’s lyrics? Dani wrote a great story about a guy who becomes a sexual maniac, serial killer bastard. It’s so sadistic I love it, this is poetic gore! Also there are cool fast death metal-ish riffs in the song that just kicks ass, and still black metal fans are whining about COF not sounding like “true” Norwegian black metal. Fuck that, Cradle of Filth incorporates elements from different metal styles that makes it more interesting to listen than those grim and necro stuff, in my opinion. Last, I want to mention that the Japanese version of this album comes with a bonus track; a cover from one of the best thrash metal bands UK had called Sabbat. I think COF did a very good job with this cover. Adrian does a good display of his abilities in this song as well. I have had this album for a while and I liked it, but I was not aware of its great characteristics. Now that my tastes have matured I can comprehend how good each song of this album is.