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Not a Cradle Of Filth Fan - 98%

FOrbIDen, August 14th, 2011

First off, "Cradle of Filth" is one of the most well known extreme gothic/black metal bands, and honestly you either like them or you don't. I don't, I only liked two COF songs, one of them being on this album, "Her Ghost in the Fog", which is the only reason why I gave this album a chance. What I found in this album was, well let me put it this way, at first I thought it was pretty good, but now that I listened to it more, it's awesome.

Dani's vocals are, how can I put this, powerful, and fit the music. If Dani's screams were replaced with Anders Jacobsson's (From "Draconian") growls, the vocals would sound out of place. So thank god that the music fits the vocals. The thing that I really didn't like about the harsh vocals at first, is how fast Dani puts them out, I thought sometimes there's not enough body in them, and there not really memorable. But I found the catchuness in those fast paced high pitched screams.

The riffs are powerful and aggresive, and can be overwhelming without ballance. At first I thought there wasn't enought balance between the melodies, the heaviness, and screams, I later trained my ears to hear the beautiful and eerie keyboard parts. Not to mention Sarah's backing operatic vocals are beautiful and balance the sound out even more. And the guitars can be melodic at times. The sound isn't dominated by keyboards or guitars, it's a perfect mix. The bass is always there in the sound, adding extra back-bone and power, and the drums are fast paced and aggresive, it matches the guitars.

Then my favorite part, the song that got me into this album, "Her Ghost in the Fog", this song is where everything is perfect. There aren't any vocal problems, the words don't blur together, and they are very precise. The instruments contrast perfectly, not to mention I love Sarah's part in this song, her backing "ahh's give a dark atmosphere and her lead part (yes that's right, she has her moments) along Dani during is just beautiful. The keyboards and piano add another layer of cold atmosphere. It is just incredible.

So just to wrap this up, even if you're not a COF fan, you'll probably like this album. I'm not and I still plan on getting it in the near future. And if you are a COF fan you'll probably like it even more. That's what I said the first time I wrote this review, now I say, this album is dark, heavy and agressive, the sound is not balanced at all, the lead vocals become really annoying, I've completely changed my mind about this album.

Highlights: Cthulhu Dawn, Saffron's Curse, Death Magick For Adepts, & Her Ghost in the Fog