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The mcd was a warning of things to come.. - 37%

Egregius, April 7th, 2004

I too, must confess to having walked the path of CoF-fanboyism. This album in a way saved me. The MCD 'From The Cradle to Enslave' was in a way a warning of things to come: a warning against Midian.

That MCD had a few new songs, remixes and bad covers. But one thing gradually became clear during that period: Dani had to be a prick, otherwise he wouldn't be constantly losing skilled bandmembers, during and after both 'Cruelty..' and 'From the Cradle..'. And what happens when you alienate everyone with a grain of talent because of your egotistical wiles? You end up with a band lacking any form of creativity, a band that has to go by a familiar formula in fear of losing the succesfully selling bandname Cradle of Filth, simply because the creative input is replaced and you can't end up with a new band AND a wholly different sound.

Thusly, we got Midian. Simplistic, keyboard-driven fastfood; lacking substance, originality, creativity and downright appeal. Now don't get me wrong, I actually liked Cruelty And The Beast. I thought it was a great album in terms of escapism and building a horror-atmosphere, while still stunning the listener with an albeit non-novel, but still a properly developed theme. None of that on Midian. It's the same formula, but none of the thought behind it.

The album starts of nice, with an omnious intro with sampled female chants in the keyboard like we're used to, and then bursts into Cthulhu Dawn, a song on Lovecraft mythos. You know Lovecraft mythos don't you? One of the best horror-themes ever, with an eternally appealing theme of impending doom slowly encroaching on your reality, and unimaginable supernatural horror? Well Lovecraft-mythos, and notably Cthulhu mythos, is a theme done to death in metal, but luckily Cradle is here to show everyone how to do it properly, similar to how they elaborated on the Ersebeth Bathory legends, right? FUCKING WRONG. This is just another typical Cradle song, with dominant keyboards doing simple 'haunting' melodies, simple chord-pickings, and Dani grunting and screeching over it. A plus is that Dani's vocal style doesn't oscillate like an unstable particle across different states on this track, and that they don't use the overused 2 fated lines from Lovecraft's Cthulhu story that everyone uses. But the music has nothing to do with the lyrical contents!! It's just a copy and paste job, of the same tired old powerchords and mixed up with dug-up obtruse words, the finding of which is Dani's only talent. Atmosphere? I think not.

Every song is like that. None of them are inspired. They all just use the overly dominant synths, combine it with chants from Sarah Jezabel Diva (ok, one of the elements I do like, were it not overdone and employed so haphazardly), simple guitarriffs and then Dani screeching over it. Slower and faster passages, it does not matter if they're strung together randomly. Every element on this album I've heard before, and it just treads on the beaten path of all the previous albums. I'd be more mild if this had any grain of inspiration, and wasn't such a step back from previous efforts.

Cradle of Filth might be a disgrace to black metal, but Midian is a disgrace to Cradle of Filth. Not that I think highly of this band (which is lead by an unscrupulous greedy egomaniac..and I can't apreciate a band knowing I'm listening to an asshole all the time when I'm listening to their albums), but CoF at least had a musical nieche they're were filling: that of theatrical horror gothic. Thanks to this album they can't even be taken seriously in that role any more. The 'I'll-shock-your-parents' artwork fails to impress anymore, and lyrics have become, like the music, predictable.

I hope this album will achieve for all it's listeners what it achieved for me: stopping bringing up any sympathy for an obviously crappy band; a band lead by a desire for tapping money from it's fans in exchange for the cheapest product possible. Let's collectively move away to better music kids.