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This Album is Exceedingly Powerful - 100%

EvilAllen, June 10th, 2019

Yep. Obviously 2015 was an overwhelmingly great year for these guys. And I mean that. Paul was gone, the band did better and got better guitarists. And the band functioned better than they have in years. The environment of release feels a lot less "toxic" this time as well. And so, finally the band started functioning with EVERYONE doing their part. Instead of one person controlling the masses. It's easy to see why nobody liked Cradle of Filth since "Midian" (2000). But I can't speak for everyone. Though, I still, sometimes, try!

With a nearly-brand-new line-up for the band, it brought a lot of "good" for them. And new energy was brought to the table. Cradle of Filth needed a different approach, and now, since then, they've been on the right path for music-related themes. I'm proud of them, more than ever, too. That, I am serious about. If the band can deliver albums like this, from now on, they'll have more respect than they have ever had before.

The production is absolutely stunning. Probably Cradle's first-best album for production at the time. So, that shows how much "love" 'n' "care" this record ended up getting. The audio levels are heavily-balanced and compressed together nicely. It's almost like losing a bunch of weight, getting surgery to look "tighter", so you're less "ugly". I know, probably a bad example, but hey, I'm trying. Sometimes it's hard to find the right words for things. To put it simple...the album's mixing is practically perfect...all-round.

I've never heard guitars sound so...interestingly melodic before (compared to their other works, I mean). With fresh people, bursting with ideas, it shows the enhanced style that Cradle of Filth potentially "behind-the-scenes". They're very dark, evil, chilling and in some cases, cold-sounding. The riffs are very fast-paced and absolutely powerful. It's like watching a theatrical, on-stage performance that doesn't suck. The melodies are very memorable, it's a popular album to remember, not-only for its quality in audio, but for it's quality in physical construction. These musicians, especially Dani, should feel proud of this album. The bass level are considerably good as well.

The drumming is actually quite fancy. Reminds me a little bit of their 2012 album, but a lot better and constructed nicer, too. It's not overly-fast either. Though, they keep up to the guitars quite well. The drummer has been in the band for awhile, and he's been a pretty decent part of the band that does him well. I wouldn't really want to "gamble" on "losing" him. The vocals are insanely different. We finally get to hear how Dani's voice has changed in the three-year gap from their last record. And it has changed enough to notice a difference. His vocals have never sounded so clean, until you hear their 2017 album since I'm writing this at the time that was released. Then those vocals sound even cleaner. The highs, I mean. Not the lows. But he doesn't hit those as well anymore either. But generally, I feel his overall vocal performance is really spot-on. He screams more here than he did on the 2010-and-2012 record.

This album's artwork, overall, is very, very graphic, probably one-of-the-most graphic pieces they've ever released. And it was a nice change, too. Graphic Cradle of Filth, that seems so fitting, yet it's totally typical of them. I love the greenish-blue colouring, it feels so...forest-related. I happen to own this CD, I even went as far to pre-order it. It was very...very-well worth it. With all that thoughtfulness, love-and-care it ended up getting. It would have been a shame if anything bad happened to this record that prevented it from being a studio fire! Uh-oh! All-in-all, keep them coming Cradle, this is new-found life...and if you lose it...can't say all the fans would "forgive" you.