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Godspeed to the back of my closet... - 65%

Metz, October 30th, 2008

.. but not as far back as Nymphetamine or Thornography.

This is the first review I have written, btu I felt like I had to share my thoughts on this album. Cradle of Filth's big new release sort of crept up on me. I was aware that something was coming, but I only heard about it's release date a mere week before it hot the shelves.

I'm not going to give much of a song-by-song rundown because, frankly, all the songs seem to sound about the same. Old Cradle of Filth is much superior to the new Cradle, but I guess it was too much to hope that they would produce something as dark and wholesome as the old stuff, just because they said they would. Nevertheless, 'Godspeed on the Devil's Thunder' is a step back in the right direction, just not far enough of one.

-Now lets see, typical Cradle instrumental songs, those are okay.

-'Shat out of Hell' is a song that kind of stood out to me. After hearing Dani's screams in the first few lines, I thought that he almost had his good scream back (but he managed to disproved that over the course of the album). I'll give them credit for writing good music though, some of the riffs almost feel just a little bit like black metal if I dare say.

-Next was 'The Death of Love'.. here we see that Cradle is still wasting their talent with their new inferior sound. This 7-minute.. thing.. that made me want to turn off my speakers reminded me of their 'Temptation' cover shit-song. Well editing, I might add that songs like this and 'Temptation' make Cradle seem like weak fuckin' pussies. (Excuse the immature words, but it pisses me off to see so many sweet bands go so soft. Oh well.. still got Gorgoroth and Darkthrone (mostly) \,,/)

A couple more mediocre tracks and we come to 'Honey and Sulphur'. This track stood out to me as well, only because it reminded me of what Dimmu Borgir are doing these days. The little attempt at an epic feeling would have better served as a little attempt at making some truly macabre-sounding song such as off of Dusk or Cruelty. Ah how I miss the good old days when they didn't use whole orchestras.. and when they used 100+ gallons of blood in a music video shoot..

A few songs later brings us to the title track. This and 'Shat out of Hell' are the two songs that I might listen to for entertaining purposes. Nice little solo, some thrashy riffs, Dani plays around with his voice a little bit in a good way. Not many complaints here; could do without the bell clanging at the end though.

To sum up 'Godspeed on the Devil's Thunder':
It is an improvement over the last few albums, but certainly not what they keep promising to us. It is nice to see Paul soloing more these days though. Also, the lyrics in this album are darker and better represent the reputation Cradle used to have than the lyrics in the other recent albums. I'll give this album a 65%, because it seems like they are really trying, but it is almost as if they have forgotten how to write like they did in the past. 65% for effort, guys.

I don't think Cradle will ever give me what I'm hoping for again, so I'm just gonna pop in their demo tapes and reminisce while the dust collects on this disc.