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Downward Spiral or Success? - 75%

9xTenebrarumx9, February 25th, 2012

I'm sure many of you are well aware of the difference Cradle of Filth has been showing with every album that comes out. For instance Darkly Darkly... was more of high screams compared to Godspeed. Then I wonder, was it because of the different stories each one incorporated. Godspeed was masculine and Darkly feminine. Well when Evermore Darkly was loose and I listened to one of the new songs within the album entitled "Thank Your Lucky Scars" I was certain I knew what changed about the band. Dani's voice has reached it's limit. His screams can improve no more than what they are now. He has master the technique of screaming in different volumes all in one scream, for instance the intro to "Thank Your Lucky Scars". When I first heard this, I was spellbound. The scream goes really well with the image they're giving themselves. I knew this scream was barely toyed with because in the "Venus Diversa" disc, he constantly repeated this technique.

Now moving more away from Dani, the first disc of the album was a waste of money. The only thing that didn't stop me from flinging the disc out the window was "Transmission From Hell" "Thank Your Lucky Scars" and "Summer Dying Fast" , which is what caused me to want to album so much. No one wants to listen to the same music they just previous bought in the former album. That's what it basically was. In my opinion they didn't even sound better, they actually made the song dreadful. As for the techno song "Forgive Me Father (I'm in a Trance), I always thought Cradle of Filth were pretty good at making those type of songs, so that was pretty interesting to listen to. "Summer Dying Fast" on the other hand, was absolutely amazing! I cannot wait for "Midnight in the Labyrinth", and the best part of all is that that was just the "breadcrumb" of what's actually on the album itself. For Cradle of Filth, that was a big hit.

As for "Venus Diversa" the live show was extremely well. I enjoyed every minute of the show because of how impressive the whole bands' performance was. Dani was really good, especially his screams. Paul, James, and Dave's performance was not bad either. Solos were excellent. However, in my opinion the one that showed the best performance was Martin. Now my opinion might be influenced by my passion for the drums but still, Martin was very enjoyable to watch (Even though he was rarely showed). The beginning was great and the end was memorable. Now for the "rockumentary" that was taken place within the disc, I thought that it wasn't that interesting. Compared to past documentaries, this one was neutral. Nothing really interesting was going on so the film was filled with bits of songs that played while scenes appeared of them performing. Other than that, some scene were humorous (as always).

So was "Evermore Darkly" the bands' downwards spiral or a complete success. I would have to say neither. This was more of a neutral gift from them to us. It's nothing to storm to your local music store and raid the store, but you don't want to pass up the opportunity either. This was exactly what Dani promised us, a little present for us to bare with till Midnight comes out. What more can you expect from an EP?