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An Epic Album - 80%

Shaderulz, December 20th, 2006

Strangely, Dusk and her Embrace was the last album I heard from Cradle of Filth and, while not being the best in my opinion, stands out as being the most epic sounding and the most emotional of their albums.

When I first heard it, I found the vocals more irritating than on their other releases but I got used to them and I now think that they are the best vocal performance ever by Dani Filth.

No song on this album sounds the same as another one, or any other song from any other band for that matter. They all have an epic feel to them, especially "A Gothic Romance" and "Dusk and Her Embrace". There is also a nice use of female vocals, better than anything on their other releases except for maybe "Her Ghost in the Fog" from Midian.

This album also has an "Halloween Feel" to it, and instrumentals versions of the songs could easily be used as scary, atmospheric music to play in Halloween parties. The keyboard is what makes it sound like that and it is a good thing that it is slowly coming back in their newest release "Thornography".
The lyrics are also very complex and poetics, being mainly about vampiric eroticism and dark fairytales.

This album is what made Cradle of Filth a classic band and it is truly a masterpiece that no other band can equal on the creative or epic aspects but I do not recommend this one to those who don't know the band yet, I would recommend listening to their newer releases like Nymphetamine or Thornography, then go backward in time like I did to finally discover what started it all. (Minus Principle of Evil made Flesh which sounds very differently)

Standout tracks:Heaven Torn Asunder, A Gothic Romance, Dusk and Her Embrace.