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Almost A Masterpiece...Almost. - 83%

Akerfeldt_Fanboi, July 12th, 2008

As my title says, this album could've been a fact, it could've been in my top ten favorite black metal albums if not for one thing...

Dani Filth. His screech is not raw or savage as, say, Varg's or Ihsahn's, but instead sounds like "LA LA LA LA LA, or TA RA TA RA." The few moments when he breaks down into the chanting voice or the growl, he sounds fanfuckingbulotastic, but he is sooo bad at screeching at this point. His vocals remind me of a dying cat, in a bad way. Another thing I have wrong with this album is the lack of proper solos (the lead section in Funeral In Carpathia proves why some should exist). I know black metal lacks in the solo department, in fact I don't write solos usually at all for my solo BM project, but these guys sound capable of ripping a sweeping pattern or making a beautifully entrancing melody.

Now, onto the pros. For one, the female vocals. Oh my god, I've never been one for the symphonic side of BM (Female Vocals and Synths/Keys) but this just takes the cake ofr awesome. She can truly sing, I don't know if she is a session singer, but damn.

Another big, big prog is the guitar tone. It's so organic...thus improving the rawness of the album, which is basically non-existent as the album isn't really lo-fi at all. The guitarists, as I say above, are extremely talented and know when to back off the tremolo lines and play a simple melodic harmony. Pretty awesome meloblack riffing, if you ask me. The few occaisions for clean/acoustic tone on the album are pretty cool too, these guys know their way around a fretboard.

Also up in the plus section are the lyrics...I mean holy shit, man. Bedizens eyes paralysed with blasphemy/Written in flesh across the howling ether is just one line from "Heaven Torn Asunder." Whether Dani wrote these, I don't know, but if he did, he gets a standing ovation and is forgiven for his terrible screech. The drumming is good, but not a pro or a con, really...

Favorite Songs:

Heaven Torn Asunder
Funeral In Carpathia
The Graveyard By Moonlight
Dusk...And Her Embrace

Least Favorite Song:

Humana Inspired To Nightmare

More favorites than least favorites is always nice. Very good overall album, and a ridiculously strong release in the black metal genre. I'll probably not review anything newer as I bought Thornography and hated it with a passion, but I might get the older albums if they are as good as their epic sophomore release.