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All but completists stay away! - 52%

Wez, June 21st, 2004

Beyond actually buying this before Damnation and a Day was released to get a little tease of what to expect from the album, there isn't a lot of point to really owning this. A nicely presented and packaged single but only really for Cradle completists. The main attraction, the video itself, falls flat as with many other Cradle videos for not really being able to replicate the richness of the songs with a visual aspect and therefore losing the interest. Not really as hammy and brimming with cheesy, underwhelming computer graphics as the videos around the time of "Bitter Suites to Succubi", but pretty bland nonetheless. A strong song from the then upcoming full length but that is never the main complaint. Cradle are here trying to act out some bizarre medieval church act of sexual corruption (I can't remember right now exactly what it is but I did) with a modern setting that loses really all effect of this anyway. The action and the music don't really seem to fit in place alongside each other well, see the "Her Ghost in the Fog" video for one that does a good job.

The rest of it isn't really worth you seeking this out either, I don't think it's too available anyway now. But the 2 minute clip of Serpent Tongue is just accompanied by kaleidoscope-esque computer generated patterns and so forth that everyone thought was cool when they saw that sort of thing for the first time about 10 years ago or something. So apart from that, there's nothing rare, no interesting extras (the biography, well you can read anywhere), and no reason to pick this up aside from completism. Even without any real extra additions, it could have been done better.