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Countess - The Revenge of the Horned One Part II - 70%

vorfeed, May 11th, 2004

Artist: Countess
Album Title: The Revenge of the Horned One, Part Two
Label: Barbarian Wrath

This is the eighth album from Orthodox Black Metal band Countess, and the second part of "The Revenge of the Horned One".

While I greatly enjoyed the first part of this two-disc set, this second part isn't on the same level. There are some great songs, here: "(Hear the) Ballad of the Swords", "My Pain Is My Glory", "The Legend of the Fall". This said, there are an equal number of songs that just don't seem to hold up to repeated listens, and the album feels hit-and-miss overall.

The sound here is dominated by the low-end, to the extent where Countess' signature vocals and guitar leads are relegated to the back of the mix. They sound muddy at best, a poor choice that probably contributes to the forgettable nature of some of these songs.

I hate to say it, but this is easily the worst of Countess' albums. It's really a shame - if "The Revenge of the Horned One" had been distilled down to one album, it would have been fine, but this second installment just doesn't fulfill the promise of the first. Countess completists should certainly get this, but everyone else should start with their previous work.

Standout Tracks: "(Hear the) Ballad of the Swords", "My Pain Is My Glory", "The Legend of the Fall"

Review by Vorfeed: