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Countess with balls - 83%

cinedracusio, October 19th, 2005

First of all, let me tell you: Countess is heavily influenced by NWOBHM and its neo-classical compositions have little to do with pure, grim Black Metal, only the early works were more of that. A nice feature is the percussion, rocky and bouncy, but interesting and more varied than in the rest of the black territory, being not obsessed with blastbeats like lots of bands tend to. Great examples here like Thermopylae. The guitar tone also brings old heavy metal to mind, harsher than the smooth heavy metal and less razor slash than the purist black. The structures of the songs are insanely repetitive, so the listener is in critical danger of boredom and sleep. Did I say sleep? Forget about sleeping. The vocals are fucking loud and the most annozing aspect. Heilig Vuur had an irritating muffled sound on vocals, so the guy sounded like Pluto the dog on drugs, a monotonous and uneffective barking. Well, Donald Fuck, where the duck are you? Right here, on this album. This effect belongs more to noise rock, and it does not fit too well. If it comes to free screaming, Varg and Landfermann are masters. But not Orlok.
In conclusion, a valuable album, mandatory for Countess worshippers. But I prefer Heilig Vuur to this; even if I am not a big Countess fan, I can digest the music and even this FUCKING quack-quacks!