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Doom or be utterly doomed - 90%

Starkweather222000, June 4th, 2009

Count Raven is one of the most solid and interesting bands in the genre of doom metal. In my opinion, it is relatively easy to make a standard, mediocre 65/100 doom metal album. You tune your guitar lowest of the low, play slow, get the feeling right and there you go. But it is the hardest thing to do it good-stand out from the rest and break through to the top-just about what these guys did.

"Storm Warning" contains everything you would ever expect from a great doom metal album. It's slow (though not TOO slow, like this funeral doom shiznit), it's heavy and there is this awesome singer called Christian Linderson as an icing on the doomed cake. Fondelius is an outstanding composer, and some of his best work is included in "Storm Warning", that being "True Revelation", "In The Name Of Rock 'n' Roll" and "A Devastating Age". These three songs do stand out, but there are no fillers or mediocre tracks whatsoever, just three highlights in an all in all excellent piece of art.

The little difference of Count Raven when comparing to some other doom metal acts of the 90's, is their obvious rock 'n' roll attitude-it makes them pretty unique, bearing in mind that they are Swedish and not American (see also: The Obssessed). The music here is more Sabbath and less Candlemass, more Wino and less Dorrian-and there's nothing wrong with either of the two "sub-genres", it's just a slightly different feeling when you get to listen to the music. Count Raven is the kind of doom metal that a heavy rock fan would also like, being, let's say, less "desperate" and "mourning" than other bands of this decade.

We will never know what would have happened if Chritte had stayed with Count Raven and had never joined Saint Vitus but really nobody would blame him for doing it-Vitus is legend and we all accept that. And as a matter of fact, their next albums with Fodde behind the microphone are at least on level terms with "Storm Warning"-plus, we got also Terra Firma from Chritte. So, no hard feelings about anybody. Terrific album.