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Cosmiic Abbheëratiïon - L​ë​hevi​ï​tat​ï​ion

Eerie alien cosmos created from raw atmo-BM / dungeon synth fusion - 73%

NausikaDalazBlindaz, February 12th, 2024
Written based on this version: 2024, Digital, Independent

Part of the Pourpre Nébüleuse circle of black metal and BM / dungeon synth acts, Cosmiic Abbheëratiïon stepped up a notch in releasing its first EP "Lëheviïtatïion" early in 2024, after three demos with similarly stutter titles back in 2024. Behind Cosmiic Abbheëratiïon is sole member Berith who runs another BM / dungeon synth project Ikana. Before Cosmiic Abbheëratiïon and Ikana, Berith was the musician behind Furfur which for a time (2017 – 2019) was busy releasing demo after demo of very lo-fi raw and savage BM, some of which I reviewed way back then. By contrast, even though its sound is harsh, Cosmiic Abbheëratiïon's "Lëheviïtatïion" is a more restrained and melodic work of equal parts raw atmospheric BM and cold dungeon synth that almost verges on space ambient. I always knew there was potential for better music behind Furfur and I'm glad it is now coming out, even if in different projects!

Though there are five all-instrumental tracks on the EP, all of them with titles in the same strange language that gives Cosmiic Abbheëratiïon its name, the music doesn't differ greatly from one track to the next, and if the pauses between tracks didn't exist, the whole EP would have been one continuously evolving track describing an ever stranger and more alien sonic dimension. The mood behind the EP may be dark but there is also a sense of wonder and mystery in the sparkling, even glowing keyboard tones. The abrasive tremolo guitar riffing is constant but the level of intensity in the riffs stays consistent. As the EP continues, the combination of harsh paint-stripping BM and toybox-like keyboards becomes comforting, even reassuring, as the music ventures further into the eerie universe it has opened up. On some tracks there may be a crooning vocal though it could also be a solo synth melody.

As we go deeper into the realms of this bizarre new world, in tracks like "Vvassërh Guhösth", the music dives even more into dungeon synth territory with a mix of ominous background ambient wash and plaintive melody, and for a brief time we seem to be on the verge of an abyss in deep space that might lead into yet another dimension. The EP closes out on a real puzzler, "Koöhld Pahçshäajh", which with its awkward and angular melodies seems to be mocking its followers, before the music rides off in an odd triumphal display of fiery showers followed by the guitars and keyboards trading the zig-zag tunes from one to the other.

The contrast between harsh raw atmospheric BM and cold spacey dungeon synth, with the tension between the two genres that it generates and directs into the creation of a distinct sonic world, is the main achievement of this EP. Possibly the whole recording could have benefited more if another, different layer of guitar or synth had been added for more sonic depth and complexity in mood and atmosphere, but then the music might have ended up busier, less spacey and less immersive. Each succeeding track brings out a new oddity, or something revelatory, about the strange universe Cosmiic Abbheëratiïon is guiding us through. The best track in my mind is "Vvassërh Guhösth" which could have been a portal to an even stranger, more alien and more remote (physically and existentially) cosmos.