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Good black metal led by amazing ideas - 85%

Rasc, February 1st, 2013

Indian black metal. The sole proposition already sounds amazing by itself. And it cannot be unsaid that Corubo does live up for their sound proposition. Even though there are minor flaws in their music I'll point out later on in this review, this demo presents good musicians with a lot of ideas in their hands. Definitely a fine piece of black metal art.

Jahe 'Opapá is essentially an example of raw black metal, with dissonant chords and poor recording. Their music, however, is nearer to ancient bands, like Burzum (mainly in the album Filosofem), with entrancing instruments, keyboard touches and effort to the ambience, Impaled Nazarene, with crusty influences and some riffing, and Rotting Christ, with the gothic nuance incorporated to heavy and dirty black metal. These fitted amazingly.

About the ambience, I think it was the right choice to add bird sounds, soft drones, short nature sounds and all of these. Not only do they form the long intro, they're added during the other songs, creating a very serious atmosphere. In the end, this feels like immersing the listener in the middle of a tribe, letting you feel the Indian pain they're trying to pass by.

There's just a couple of things I must point out that I didn't appreciate in this album. One is their Rotting Christ cover, which I really liked, but, despite the way the lyrics fitted in their music, it sounded out of place to have a cover of such a band in the middle of an Indian demo. The way a couple of breaks here and there sounded was also awkward, but nothing exaggerated.

Corubo showed through this demo how a great band they are, and they didn't fail in surprise us again in their following releases.