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Corrupt > Silence Equals Death > Reviews > dalecooper
Corrupt - Silence Equals Death

Sweden's own Kreator - 70%

dalecooper, June 22nd, 2010

It's over-simplifying things by a lot to say that these guys are basically playing Teutonic thrash (specifically Kreator's brand of hyper-frenetic Teutonic thrash). But that's close enough for hand grenades, which is what this EP aspires to sound like.

At least in a sea of Bay Area and Big Four imitators, going off of the Kreator and Sodom model gives you a leg up in terms of uniqueness and aggression. These four songs certainly blow the doors off of stuff like Municipal Waste and Bonded By Blood. Moreover, while they don't reach the stratospheric heights of true masters like Hypnosia and the old German thrash albums, they at least are something you don't see filling the roster of Metal Blade. I have no particular beef with retro-thrash, but I will always welcome the bands who dig up the less-explored and -imitated old scenes rather than just pumping out Slayer Clone Album #136. And few bands are going to beat Evile at that game anyway, so why not go in another direction? I doubt that Corrupt was consciously considering any of this (especially since this release is now four years old!), but it certainly comes to my mind when I listen to it now.

As far as the specifics go - vocalist Tholl can't quite get to Mille Petrozza status, but it's not for lack of trying. His hoarse snarl is hateful and suited to the music, but there's maybe a bit too much strain to it. The guitar work here is the real selling point, and it's admirably frantic and tense. The rhythm section keeps up and not much more, but they keep the whole enterprise on the rails and reasonably tight, which is really crucial to keeping this style of thrash from just becoming a mess. That may partly be on the production anyway, since the drums are a bit down in the mix and the bass is buried.

One notable aspect is the lyrics, which are entirely political. This isn't usual for this style of thrash, to my knowledge, and it does bring in an element of old Metallica or Megadeth. It's a welcome twist on an otherwise familiar formula.

Corrupt has been working on a full length in the four years since this came out, and allegedly Blood Harvest will release it... some day. Dunno if the delay is on the band's side or the label's, but on the basis of this EP alone, I'd like to hear more from them.