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Corrosion Of Conformity - Your Tomorrow - 100%

Yashka, December 10th, 2010

I don't even know where to start raving about this album. Recorded with original singer Mike Dean and without Pepper Keenan, this record is the comeback of the century by a band whose later output was decidedly shitty, in my opinion. However, the guys brought the fucking metal for this 7" consisting of 2 songs. Your Tomorrow Pt(s) I and II. The opening riff is easily one of my all time favorite riffs now. Evoking the old greats such as Trouble, or even the Obsessed, the riff is the epitome of metal. Mikes vocals are sung, and his delivery is eerily similar to Wino, but sounding distinct in his own right. The song also have some Sabbathian dirges, or actually sounding a bit like Down, in a good way of course. The second side starts off with a cool little drum solo, before kicking back into the awesome main riff. It basically is a rehash of Pt. 1, but this riff was one of those that you could listen to for hours, like the main riff from Seek And Destroy, you all know the one. The lyrics are great, as good as any metal lyrics are.They're even a bit political, ala the bands old hardcore days, mentioning 'the fact that soldiers die'. You can tell the band had a lot of fun playing these song in the studio. Basically you all need to buy this record or fuck off. Eliminate the enemy!