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Essential for every COC Fan! - 93%

Demon_of_the_Fall, September 24th, 2003

Live Volume gathers songs from Corrosion's entire "Metal Career" from Blind until their most resent album America's Volume Dealer. The material displayed within is their most prized, fan favorite songs they have ever composed. Being a long time COC fan I can't help but notice how acurate each and every song is played with the exception of a couple but they ended up sounding great regardless. The production is very good, and was recorded in Detriot Rock City, 4-20-01 on their AVD tour. Peppers vocals are just as good live as in the studio and with an agressive live added twist. Squeeze in Jimmy "the arab" Bower (whats with that cane?) in the picture, due to a recently departed Reed Mullin, and we have a hell of a package. For a live cd this is exceptional, and right on the money time wise, and lacks in any sort of mistakes in the bands performance. Mixing wise this is one of the better rock live cds ive heard in quite some time. Coc's choise of songs is also very wise, from classics like Senor Limpio, to Albatross, to Vote with a Bullet theres something for everyone on this bitch. Simply put this album deserves alot more credit than it has got. COC are just as good as some of the more well known groups that tend to play in the same style, such as BLS, and Down. The good thing about this album is that "YOU CAN ACTUALLY HEAR THE FUCKING CROWD". The only song that i thought COC could have done better on Live Volume is "King of the Rotten" because it doesn't have as much raw energy as the original had. I also highly recommend getting the Video to this show, as it makes you appreciate this album that much more.
I encourage also partaking/indulging in plenty of booze while listening to Corrosion, you know they would have a drink for do them a favor and raise your glasses men! Cheers COC

Best Tracks: Diablo Blvd, Senor Limpio, Wiseblood, Who's Got the Fire, Albatross, Congratulation's Song, 13 Angels/7 Days, Vote With a Bullet, Long Whip, Shelter, Clean my Wounds