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Sloppy - but hey, it's punk! - 65%

UltraBoris, December 31st, 2002

Ya know, originally I thought this album was complete shit... but when I listen to it more, and combined with my increasing appreciation for old-school punk, the more I like it. Don't expect a real thrash masterpiece here, but in general there are some pretty decent riffs to be found here... and if you like stuff like the Exploited, or DRI, you'll like this. Even fans of the first Nuclear Assault should check it out if they like their music sloppier.

Highlights... "Loss for Words" is almost epic, as it's 6 minutes and has a fast section, a slow section, etc etc. "Holier" is also pretty cool because the verses are kinda midpaced and thrashy as fvck. "Consumed" is pretty damn cool too, and "Positive Outlook" has a nifty thrash break. Yeah, it's pretty much straight-up crossover - half punk, half thrash.

Oh yes, the vocalist blows ass. But ya know what, that just kinda adds to the charm. He makes Sean Killian sound like Rob Halford, and in general sounds like he sorta phoned in his performance... not angry enough, dude. No matter how distorted you get, the spirit must be there or otherwise it fails. It's punk, not opera. Show me some rage!!

Oh well. And the production isn't great either... but the guitar work is pretty inspired, and when all is said and done, the album does have some serious balls to it.

Yeah, I originally had a review that said "man, this is pretty bad" with a 59 (above average, but not by much) rating. Things grow on me. It's above average, by a reasonable margin.