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With Lewd Demeanor - 87%

into_cold_darkness, July 17th, 2005

There are so many bands in the death metal scene these days it's unfuckingbelievable. A large majority of them aren't even worth a second (or at times a complete first) listen. Then you have bands that are buried beneath all the ones in the previous mentioned category that are worthy of your time, but do you really want to dig through all that just to find something of enjoyment? I did.

One of the first things I noticed about Corpus Mortale was that it had members of Iniquity in its ranks, so obviously these guys know what they are doing. What we have here is solid, for the most part mid-tempo death metal. There is an air of the old school flying about this album, but modern influences can also be picked up which keeps interests held. The leads are what really stick out in my mind. Roar Christoffersen really knows how to inject some infectious and brilliant leadwork as the track "Undesirable" shows.The vocalist also puts in some fantastic growls but for the most part they stay in the lower register of things, but occasionally rasping shrieks tend to wander in from the background to give a bit of variety. I think the closest other band I could compare Corpus to would be Dismember, but mix it with a touch of US styled brutality and there you go. The songwriting is also a shining star in this release for the fact that Corpus doesn't try to attack you with full out blastbeasts in order to mindfuck you or uber brutal breakdowns, but they get the job done with well paced tempo's great riffing, the previous stated leads and an eerie atmosphere to boot.

The only thing that detracts from the album is the fact that this is nothing that hasn't been done before, because it has... just not with this much quality and care. Overall, I'd say to check it out, you might find it to be worth the trouble of tracking down. I did.