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Solid - 70%

Lustmord56, January 10th, 2008

So the recent Willowtip/Neurotic releases such as Sickening Horror and Ulcerate have produced some absolutely mind numbingly superb technical death metal, but with Corpus Mortale, the results are far simpler, chunkier and slightly less impressive, but solid for what it is.

I actually remember hearing this Danish band a few years ago on the Succumb to the Superior EP, and that style hasn’t changed with their third full length album. Nothing spectacular but a decent release of Euro styled death metal that seem to take the Belgian/Shiver Records style of chunky groovy death metal (Ordeal, Welkin, Moker, Fleshmould, Neverlight Horizon, Battalion, etc) and throw in a dash of Iniquity-ish complexity.

The results are listenable and enjoyable, if far from groundbreaking. Corpus Mortale’s beefy tones and deep vocals have the occasional technical flourish, but its nothing too amazing, as the band is far better suited to a slower, more churning lumber (“Scorched”. “Devoid of Compassion”) or steady blast and groove (“Dehumanized”, “Postmortem Rape”, “Cold Earth”, “Erosion of the Flesh”, “Shallow Graves”), and as you can tell lyrically, Corpus Mortale are pretty old school in their lyrical approach.

If you need a break from the completely batshit insane technically of death metal, Corpus Mortale would be a good place to start as it’s a stout if unspectacular effort from a band that isn’t trying to break the mould, just making sure it keeps getting used.

By Erik Thomas (Originally posted at