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Chaotic death grind with unique twists and turns - 87%

optimuszgrime, February 13th, 2008

This incredible young band from Ohio are quiet a treat. On their album they provide your not so typical death/grind, which is a breath of fresh air with all of the intense cloning and biting going on in this scene today. They are quiet obviously influenced by the slamming guttural crowd, as can be heard on their slower riffs, and also the vocal arrangements. The timing on their slower riffs and their riff structures coupled with their weird spastic riffs are something that cannot be heard elsewhere, however. The entire album sounds off at first glance, and the recording is not your best sounding stuff, the entire thing sounds hollow and bass filled. I am not too happy with the sound, but I would not be surprised if it turned out they intentionally made it sound this way. The lack of bass guitar is also felt, as the one guitar riff that you hear along with the blasting hyper-blasting epileptic drum riffs as well as the very low gutturals are not always enough to fill the void, thus making it sound somehow lacking.
However, that is all of the fault I can point to in this album, and I don’t even know where to point to show all of the incredible musicianship that these three boys bring. The drummer must be an octopus with ADD, or some shit, because not only is he all over the place, but he just sounds like he has a hard time sitting still. He is going off all over the drum set, stopping and going at odd times, and rolling where no sane minded individual would have thought of putting a roll. The guitars are nicely structured riffs that flow organically into each other, and the riffs are varied and way too many to even count, which is incredible seeing as their songs range form 1:30 to roughly 3:00!!!! Unbelievable achievement in that vein, and the riffs have a world of their own both sonically and structurally. I can link them to bands like Bound And Gagged and Disgorge a little bit. Except the riffs, that is something else entirely.
High lights include ‘Inexplicable Dimensional Phasing’, and all of the weird noise intros and outros, as well as the song ‘Carnal Emphasis’ along with the song ‘Afflicted’. A superb album that is going to be very hard to top for these guys. If they manage to they will gain their place as some of my top favorite tech death metal bands of all time, but after just one album I am still reluctant to do this. A masterpiece in every respect, however.