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The Art of Splatter! - 90%

Akerthorpe, December 12th, 2018

Italy’s Corpsefucking Art return with a monstrosity of a release entitled “Splatterphobia”. This band can be considered one of the sickest bands in the genre of brutal death metal. The riffs are a more grinding version of what bands were doing in the mid to late 90’s with an ever so slight technical edge. Compared to the bands earlier material, there is a bit more precision to the riffage and added depth to the volume and direction. There is an undeniable “bite” to the riffs here which combined with the grinding vibe very nicely. This is a pretty standard riffing style, however the reverence for the blueprint of that style is always kept in high regard which makes everything that this band does extremely honorable. The drum work has always maintained a level of precision, and that is no different on this release. It can be felt in every track on the album. It’s a combination of passion and talent presented in a way where the listener not only hears what the band is doing, but they also feel it.

As far as the bass goes, this is one of those albums where I feel that the bass could have been mixed in a little better, with a little more prominence than what I am hearing. It is there, but I like to feel those low end rumbles on releases like this. The album really doesn’t suffer because of this, I just feel it would have added an extra dimension to the music if the bass would have been more noticeable. The vocal patterns chosen for this material or pretty traditional for the genre. They are quite similar to those heard on Baphomet’s “The Dead Shall Inherit” with a more guttural emanation. I must say that these guys have not lost a step over the years. They prove that they are alive and well with this release. Seeing as how they flawlessly covered Cannibal Corpse’s “Staring Through the Eyes of the Dead”, only shows they have no intentions of slowing down.