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a very above average example of blasphemy worship - 90%

stonetotem, September 23rd, 2009

Corpse Molestation was a short lived Australian black/death metal band that would later become the mighty Bestial Warlust. While they only lasted for a demo and some rehearsal tapes before changing their name and shifting their style (a bit), they had such a dark, violent and pummeling sound that they left a unique impression on the metal underground. Their one and only demo, 1992's "Descension of a Darker Deity" is the only complete expression of the group, and is very worthwhile to seek out for violent black/death metal (or "bestial black metal"/"war metal") freaks. It may only clock in at a measly 19 minutes or so, but it packs quite a punch.

What really separates Corpse Molestation from their later incarnation Bestial Warlust is their utterly murky production and droning torrent-like sound, and their allegiance with death metal over black metal. Their riffs have a dull buzzing sound and vibrate along in a violent yet hypnotic maelstrom. Their sound is permanently heaped in low end fuzz, contrasted by the spastic solos that erupt in frenzies here and there and the buzzing tremolo leads that crawl under the rhythm. But it's not all a blast-driven bestial black metal cacophony. They lay on some pounding doomy breakdowns which fit excellently with the production and ugly fuzzed out guitar sound. The bass is narrowly detectable behind the wall of disgusting distortion created by the guitar, but everything sounds nice and low end regardless. The drums primarily stick to blasts and warlike double kick with the snare pounding in, slowing down only for the sweet doomy breakdowns. And the drums are no exception to the down and dirty sub end production. They give a mean dull thud that'll surely strike fear into the heart of whatever disco dancers and pop stars these menacing fiends are mowing down. The vocals here are highly reminiscent of the mighty Blasphemy (and this whole demo stinks of their masterpiece "Fallen Angel of Doom"). They employ Blasphemy's patented technique of using dual vocalists, one giving a low guttural growl, and the other screaming and rasping wildly. Overall the differences between Corpse Molestation and Bestial Warlust don't number too high, although the former is more hypnotic and bogged down in fuzz, and the ladder is more spastically violent and warlike. The demo ends with an amusing little piano jingle about going to heaven, which is blasted by a crunching guitar chord.

Corpse Molestation were one of the stronger bands to come out of the violent black/death metal explosion of the late 80s/early 90s, and were not only a prime example of Blasphemy worship but a strong group unto themselves. They didn't really find their own sound until switching off to Bestial Warlust, but their "Descension of a Darker Deity" demo remains a great slab of the ugly underground metal of olde. Clearly fans of Blasphemy, Beherit, Sarcofago and their legions of impersonators should enjoy this demo, and fans of Bestial Warlust who weren't aware of its existence should get their greazy mits on it immediately. Furthermore, fans of the more putrid low end death metal and grind of this era should likely enjoy it. And don't forget that lovely disgusting doom found in the breakdowns... Oh boy, these guys had it all. Anyhow, give this one a gander if you fancy any of the above mentioned stuff.