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At the Graveyard of God - 100%

hellhippie, June 20th, 2009

Australia's Corpse Molestation eventually changed their name to the more well known Bestial Warlust . Now even though a name change is just a name change it also seemed to shift the band's direction into something that is easier to comprehend for the average death metal fan . I don't mind Bestial Warlust but trust me, for those out there who are like me and prefer cold ugly raw sick death metal over the cleaner easier digested over produced new school stuff Corpse Molestation was one band that needs to be heard .

This band exuded an evilness that is still, to this day almost unmatched . The Descension of a Darker Deity demo does only contain three songs but anyone that owns this overlooked masterpiece can rejoice in the fact that these are death metal anthems not merely songs .They hold a coldness that was practically unheard of in early death metal . Death metal at the time, while still being evil and morbid did not produce many bands that were this blatantly satanic and Corpse Molestation embodied that feeling from their very core .

The music on this truly amazing demo is a grim, all encompassing, frenzied blackened death metal soundtrack to all that is or was great about the underground scene . The intro that leads into the amazing "Sudden Combustion" is almost beautiful in it's deliverance all the while containing a hidden yet blatantly apparent message of darkness . The beginning riff has a brutal slaying feeling to it as it bounces along in a death march sort of way . The vocals are some of the most guttural one can ever hope to find and consistently portray a true message of blasphemy throughout this great demo . When the higher pitched vocals (there are two singers) are delivered they completely compliment the low gut wrenching style extremely well .

The guitars are completely evil sounding and blaze through the listeners ears like a hot knife through butter . The riffs are so catchy and sick that multiple listens are a requirement not a recommendation . The solo's are higher in the mix and add a chaotic feeling to the overall body of work . The drummer shreds on this as well and perfectly drills every note into the skull of all that welcome this sort of thing . (I am unquestionably one of them) This demo is so evil morbid and cold that it sounds like it was recorded in a desecrated coffin . Even the song title's Sudden Combustion, At the Graveyard of God, and Loathsomeness just vomit evil .

This great band produced a widely unknown perfect blasphemous piece of music here . This really needs to find it's way to more peoples ears because these guys knew exactly how to make evil music that hasn't gotten boring or redundant in the slightest way . (and I've owned it for almost 20 years) Corpse Molestation, to those that have the privilege of owning anything by them were the early kings of blatant blasphemic music . (along with Sarcofago, Beherit and Blapshemy of course) If you love evil disgusting dank dark blood curdling death metal than this is for you . If you can't find this than trust me you need to, there's always hope, never give up the fucking hope . Actually screw that: FIND THIS !!!!!!!!!!!!