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Foundation for Bestial Warlust and Destroyer 666 - 70%

Saethiaal, June 20th, 2009

Here we have the infamous Corpse Molestation’s Descension of a Darker Deity. Most of the members involved in this band went on to bigger heights, such as K.K Warslut from the well-known Destroyer 666 and Damon Burr who went on to be in Abominator and Cemetery Urn. This band eventually changed its name to Bestial Warlust in 1993 after releasing a handful of demos and rehearsals. What we have here is very primitive death metal, although it is of a rather high quality (not production-wise of course).

Many of the songs here, would go on to be used in future releases by the two aforementioned members (although slightly edited), such as ‘Sudden Combustion’ which would later be the title track for ‘Phoenix Rising’ by Destroyer 666. We also have ’At the Graveyard of God’ which would be used on the first Bestial Warlust album. Despite the low quality of the recording; the songs found here are still very good. The ‘Intro’ is a guitar being plucked with some stormy ambience before some odd music starts and then it just explodes into ‘Sudden Combustion’ which has an awesome riff to begin with. The vocals are your generic death metal grunts, with the guitar and drums not getting lost in the production too much. This demo makes for an interesting listen, especially if you are a fan of Bestial Warlust and Destroyer 666, as hearing some of their songs in their earliest form is an interesting experience. Then there is ‘At the Graveyard of God’ which is a quicker song, sounds very much like the Bestial Warlust version, except for the vocals. The demo then ends with ‘Loathsomeness’ and the ‘Outro’ which is odd, it starts off with the creepy vampire-like keyboards then turns into some weirdo 50’s (don’t quote me on that, I’m no 50’s music guru) pop song, also pretty funny considering the rest of the demo.

This demo is mostly recommended to people checking out Australian metal as it is an important release and also people who are interested in Destroyer 666 and Bestial Warlust. There is nothing wrong with this demo per se, but the members of this band (especially K.K Warslut) would go on to release much better material in the years to come. Overall it is a pretty decent death metal demo that has its moments, but is overshadowed by the releases of Bestial Warlust.