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Unique Finnish Doom - 80%

Warpig, February 25th, 2007

Corporal Punishment started out playing Death Metal, sometimes thrashy, sometimes doomy but always pretty melodic. By the time they recorded their third (and last) album “Stonefield Of A Lifetime” they had become even more melodic. The sound on this album is certainly reminiscent of a lot of bands and yet no other band I know actually sounds like them. I would describe it as a slow version of a mixture of Paradise Lost’s “Shades Of God”/”Icon”, Lefay’s “The Seventh Seal” and a bit of Gorefest’s “Erase”.

Ali’s singing style had also become more melodic and although the change wasn’t big at all (imagine a clearer version of Jan-Chris De Koeijer or later David Vincent), it moved the band away from Death Metal to deathy Doom Metal.

“Stonefield Of A Lifetime” was their first (and only) release for Black Mark Production and suddenly the critics, who hadn’t predominantly been aware that this band even existed, unanimously praised it to the skies.

Although this album is pretty slow for the most part, there are also three up-tempo tracks to be found on here (“Wrong Side”, “Old Photos” and “Justificated?”), which add greatly to the diversity of this record. The only bad song on the album is the closer “+ - 0”, where the band experiments with electronic sounds and that doesn’t go well with the album and with the band.

When this album came out everyone predicted this band a glowing future. Sadly, they didn’t release anything afterwards and split up a few years later.

“Stonefield Of A Lifetime” contains 45 minutes of great and pretty unique Doom Metal, completed by a great production. So, if you are into any of the styles or bands I’ve mentioned in this review or into Scandinavian Metal of the 90’s in general then I’m pretty certain that this record would be enrichment for your collection.