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Unreleased for a Reason - 10%

GTog, December 9th, 2006

Let me start off by saying that I have always been a huge Coroner fan, right from the tremendously accomplished but horribly produced ‘Punishment for Decadence’ to now. I hunt down all the Coroner I can find, and enjoy every second of every track.

Ok, enough of the raving fanboy crap. ‘Unreleased Tracks’ sucks. If you’re hoping that it does contain some actual unreleased Coroner material, you will find it. However, bear in mind that some stuff is unreleased for a reason.

‘Oriental Vortex’ is new, but it’s less than a minute of ambient intro. The ‘Der Mussolini’ version found here is remixed electronica crap. ‘Octopus’ is more ambient filler, obnoxiously watery, followed up by some weird spoken word Beatnik-esque thing called ‘Old Man Bickford’. Pointless. ‘S.W.A.T.’ sounds like a dance club remix of something that may have been good once, or possibly the incidental soundtrack of a video game. ‘Theme For Silence’ should be silenced.

There’s some actual music at track 7, an instrumental remix of ‘Grin’. Another dance club classic. I’m not sure what ‘Twenty Eight’ is supposed to be. It’s not only ambient filler, it’s ambient filler swiped from ‘Gliding Above While Being Below’ I think.

‘Spectators of Sin’ and ‘The Invincible’ are both from the Death Cult demo, with Celtic Frost’s Tom G. Warrior on vocals. Then we have ‘Host’ another pointless moody ambient bit over dialogue from some movie. All the live tracks sound awful, with the possible exception of ‘Internal Conflicts’ and ‘Grin’.

So there we have it. There is almost no point in listening to this release at all, and only a die-hard Coroner fan should even bother owning it.