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Justice is done for Coroner... - 92%

ThePiercedSpirit, May 10th, 2003

What a fucking talented band Coroner are. This VHS showcases what to me seems to be one of the most technically sound Thrash bands ever. If you were just to hear this show you would sware there had to be 4 band members....a bassist, lead guitarist, rhythm guitarist/vocalist, and a drummer. Ron Royce (Broder) is one hell of a bassist...and unlike most bassiists that play material as fast as Coroner he used his fingers for all of it...he also does the vocals while carrying a massive load on his back in the rhythm department...this guy is awesome. Tommy T. Barron (Vetterli) is a world class guitarist...he displays loads of technique...from shredding, speedy legato, monster tapping, sweep picking, and phenomenal riffing...he is flawless in this performance. This is a great video to pick up if you can find it.