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An Awsome EP With Classics Thrown in - 91%

InfinityX, February 20th, 2012

Let me start off by saying that I'm a big fan of the late era Coroner. The slower pace and more atmospheric approach of Grin, I thought, was an awesome move by the Swiss virtuosos. If you didn't like Grin, you probably wouldn't like the new material on this album. All the new songs fall into the same vein as the Grin material, perhaps more refined, and even more atmospheric. A simple way to look at this album, is a relaxing thrash album.

I'll start with the older selections. The layout of them is perfect. They didn't just lump all the compiled material at the end, they space it out. Serpent Moves comes in early, stuck in between some newer tracks where it is right at home. Last Entertainment is right in the middle of the album, and serves as a transition for the slower, moodier tunes, to the raw aggressive classic Reborn Through Hate. Then after two more new tracks, one more pure thrasher, Masked Jackal. After Masked Jackal, we have the brilliant Beatles cover, which sounds great and fits with the overall mood of the album. The Grin remix I'm a big fan of. It sounds like thrash for a rave! Finally the album ends with a slow paced, emotional, live cut of Purple Haze. A nice, smooth way to end the album.

The order is perfect in my opinion, and the selection is awesome as well. They picked songs to not only fit the album, but to also show off the range the band has. Reborn Through Hate and Masked Jackal, I'm sure nobody is surprised they're on here, but other then that, the selections were creative, and well chosen. The one song I'd really like on here, is probably When Angels Die. I love that song, but Reborn Through Hate is a great song to show off what R.I.P. has to offer.

Now for the stuff. This is what makes this a compilation that is actually worth having, since there is actually quite a lot of material that you can only get on here. About 30 minutes of new material, not counting the remix or the live cut. And all the new material is superb. If this was released as an album (albeit a short album) it would've been well received I'm sure. The production is fantastic, with all the instruments shining in their own ways. Plus, Ron Royce's vocals sound awesome on this album, arguably the best so far.

That was the general stuff. The real highlights are hard to point out since every new song is absolutely awesome. My personal favorites are Gliding Above While Being Below and the two parts of Golden Cashmere Sleeper. The guitars on The Favorite Game are really catchy as well. All in All, I'd say the new material is like Grin, but better.

For bold and original thrash that pushes the limits, Coroner gets a 91 out of 100 or a 5 out of 5.
Benways World/The Favortie Game
Gliding Above Wile Being Below
Golden Cashmere Sleeper Part 1 & 2
Grin (No Religion Remix)
The Classics are awesome here too, in case you don't have their respective albums.