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Teufelschmand - 65%

Chrono01, March 8th, 2018
Written based on this version: 2000, Cassette, Chanteloup Creations (Limited edition)

I'd never heard of Corneus before looking through a list of underground and forgotten metal albums. The website described this album as "A really strange spacey one man project with some guest growling.". I was interested, so I checked it out. What I got was a really strange spacey one man project with some guest growling.

The production value is very low, which adds to the obscurity and weirdness of the album. The album uses 80s synth sounds for the music, and the vocals sound more like talking with a black metal voice. There are some singing parts as well, which sound pretty generic, and due to the quality of the sound and low production value, sound more like humming. By guest growls, I literally mean growls. Something that makes this so strange is that Corneus actually brings his dog, Arko, to do some barking vocals. To me, it was hilarious. The dog's barks can get pretty aggressive at parts, and it did sync up at parts, and to be honest, it's a unique idea which if used in the right way could work. But the way it is used here is again hilarious to me and just adds to the strangeness of the album. I did personally enjoy this album. It gave me laughs, and I liked the synth parts and vocals at times, but I don't think it could be seen as a masterpiece of the genre or even something to get invested into.

Overall, I checked this album out for curiosity, and was I disappointed? I mean a little bit. I enjoyed the album, with the synth parts and the hilarity of the dog barking, but I don't think its worth checking out unless you like this kind of sound or you're just very interested in the music. This could be a place of interest for some people (I can see this kind of thing having a cult following.), but that would need to have such specific tastes that it seems unreal. In my opinion, this would be much more appealing if the production value was better and the sound quality was much higher, it would make for a better experience. The vocalist is not that bad either so I would think if this were to have a remaster or re-release or something among those lines with better quality, this could be appreciated more. But for now, this is just a strange album using 80s synth, black metal talking vocals, and a dog.

If this really strikes your interest, I say check it out. Otherwise, you should probably stay away