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Awesome !! - 95%

Sinner, October 10th, 2002

Human stain is the second album of melodic rockers Cornerstone and follows their previous release Arrival quite quickly.

Overall, I?d say the album has a slightly darker sound than Arrival, and is a lot heavier as well, with a lot of references to bands like Rainbow and Deep purple music wise, without sounding like a cheap rip-off of those bands.

What we have here might very well be one of the best melodic rock albums of the last couple of years ! Every single song can be described as a masterpiece with no small thanks to Dougie White?s impressive vocals (might I say his best performance so far), who easily ranks as one of modern days top singers, and of course the tons of beautiful guitar and keyboard melodies. Personal highlights include opener "Unchosen One", up-tempo rocker "Midnight In Tokyo", the absolutely beautiful semi-ballad "House Of Nevermore" and what probably is the darkest song of the album "Forever Young".

As far as I?m concerned this is my favorite album so far this year, and I can only hope that someday soon we may experience this band live. A must-have, no doubt about it.