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Windir are back! - 96%

WilliamAcerfeltd, August 6th, 2007

Cor Scorpii were only an idea, until the tragic death of Valfar, the front man of Windir. While Valfar's death was a sad ending to the band, it seems that Windir will be continued under a different name, i.e. Cor Scorpii. The reason for this is that Cor Scorpii sounds a lot like Windir and this demo is probably what the next Windir album would have sounded like.

Vreid were a continuation of Windir, however without Valfar it just wasn't the same. This band has only two members from Windir, so I guess Valfar's genius must have rubbed off on them or something. Either that or the new members brought something new to this band.

Let me just start with the vocalist, let me just say he sounds a lot like Valfar and yes he can do clean vocals. This is definitely a positive thing. As the band IMO would be less interesting with the clean vocals. His black metal vocals are also quite good so you won’t be disappointed with them.

The guitar riffing is very similar to that which is found on 1184 and Likferd. However there have also been some symphonic elements added to the mix, where in Windir, there were no symphonic elements like there is here. To put it simply, there were symphonic elements in Windir but not on the same scale as there is here.

The drumming isn't as good as it was in Windir. However, this doesn't weaken the music at all. It's still good enough to get the job done. So you won't come away thinking the drumming ruined it.

All in all, this is a promising start to Cor Scorpii. Like most people who have heard this demo, I am very excited about the up coming Cor Scorpii album, as this is a very promising start. Finally, Valfar's legacy will be continued with an appropriate act. Don't get me wrong, Vreid aren't a bad band, but this is basically Windir just under a different name. The future is a bright look for Cor Scorpii indeed!

Conclusion: The above is recommended for download, as it has sold out, you can download it from their site for free.