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Cor Scorpii is here to stay! - 95%

Stian, March 16th, 2006

What of the Demo? Well I must admit that the first time I listened to it I wasn't as pleased as I hoped I would be. It wasn't bad at all, but it didn't give me what I wanted to hear to put it that way. The good news though is that when that happens to me the music usually grows. This is what happened with this demo. It grew and grew and now I like it very much. The production that at first might seem like it favoured the guitars more(which they have said, but it wasn't something they decided on, it was a production/mixing problem or something to that extent) but then after listening to it a while the different sounds became clearer too me. Even though the vocals on the first and second song wasn't meant to be that way(volume wise) I think it gives the two songs a new dimension. Makes the two songs seem more different then they might be.
The demo starts out heavy and everything sounds very professionally. Which it also is. The musicians are all very good. Which I did expect. Now the vocals I must admit I wasn't all that happy about in the beginning. Don't ask me why, I can't really explain it. But now that the demo grew on me I like them very much. Very good job on the growling my friend(Thomas obviously). I must admit that typing vocals can be a little confusing since Gaute the keyboardist also sings. He does the clean vocals which I also think he does a good job at. They are a little to low on volume for my taste, but you hear them good enough to know.

Song by Song:

Fall of Man:

This songs starts out fast and heavy and there is a lot to like about this song. The growling are delivered the way they should be and the riffing accompanying it is just perfect. Because of the low volume on the vocals it's hard to hear what is being sung, but I bet that will be fixed when their full cd is released one day. The part where the clean vocals comes in is really good. The singing fits the part completely. Usually my complaints about norwegian black metal or that genre in general is their lack of variation. But this I think Cor Scorpii has handled this well. They also add other elements that I really like.

Transcendental Journey:

When I heard this intro the first time I thought it sounded cheesy and was a little to circus for me(hahaha I know, I'm crazy). But now I really like this intro. It starts up the song just right. Here the vocals are more upfront and it's a lot easier to hear what Thomas sings about. The keys seems to be more prominent to or it's just that I can't hear properly at all times . I do not know if Gaute has heard Mundanus Imperium, but his keyboard patches and playing reminds me of them(or rather the keyboard player of that band). In a good way of course, because I liked the keys there. Everyone does a really good job on their respective instruments. And while I don't forget: I must say I like the solo playing of the guitarist(s?). Tastefull(of course, not tasteless hahah, sorry about that mistake ) and the right solos at the right time. The chorus to this song I wasn't all that sure if I liked it at first. But now it is one of my favourite parts of the song. Did I say I liked the keyboards in this song?


This is the first of the norwegian songs on the demo. The growling is back to the volume of the first song, but for some reason it's easier to hear now that it's norwegian. Maybe it's not that weird?
Pretty riff-driven song, or I guess you actually can say that about the whole demo. I was originally gonna say that I liked this one less than the two before. But then I must've forgotten the really good part that starts around 02:04. I like the way it builds up with the guitars first and then enters the keys who are once again reminiscent of Mundanus Imperium. But then after that comes a calm piano part that reminds me of Winds. Or more correctly the keyboard player and how he plays the piano. Even though this song had a calm piano part it never lets up. But it really doesn't matter, because it never becomes stale or boring. It manages to keep me interested all the way through. Gaute also does the clean vocals on this song. The part that the clean vocals starts with also is the outro part of the song which is really good. It slowly builds down. Really good.

Når Enden er God:

All the songs except track nr 2 starts out heavy and fast. Which would be something I won't necessarily say I don't like. But perhaps they could've tried to not start all songs like that. But that's just a nitpick from me and really doesn't degrade it. This is the first song that I can really say that is the weakest of them all. I can't really point my finger on any thing. But I think that it doesn't really have all that many memorable parts for me. The growling and playing is good as always, but there is something lacking.

All in all this is a very good demo. Just the right amount of variation and heaviness for me to like it. The production is really good I think. Even though the guitars are too high mixed at times. The keys as I have said is little to low in the mix. And there is something about the vocals sometimes. But it doesn't really degrade the product if you ask me. I can overlook it, because this is really good.
My favourite tracks would be the two first with the third track on second place.