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The legacy is passed on - 93%

PhantomMullet, February 10th, 2008

Ever since the tragic death of Windir front man Valfar (RIP), several new bands started forming over the last few years that were greatly influenced by the band. These groups of bands are described by many as "SognaMetal". While only a demo has been released thus far, Cor Scorpii is a very promising band that definitely has potential. Attergangar is worth a listen.

It is obvious that Cor Scorpii has been greatly influenced by Windir. For those of you who have heard Windir, you can expect Attergangar to sound like a mix of Likferd and 1184. The production is crystal clear without trying too hard. For those of you who haven't heard Windir, in short you can consider Attergangar to be a melodic, extreme metal release with some black metal and folk elements tied in. (I guess I can compare them to middle-era Enslaved, but that might be pushing it a bit)

The songs as a whole are quite catchy, easy to listen to, and very accessible. Everything just flows nicely. The guitars have a thin, clean sound that move the listener and never really bore them. The lead guitar parts are very similar to that of Windir and offer a fresh sound that always comes into play right before any lagging would appear. The drums are also quite thin and only add to the intensity as well as a somewhat audible bass.

Vocals are also similar to that of Valfar's. In fact, if I hadn't known he died, I would have certainly thought he was doing the vocals on Attergangar. Øvstedal does an excellent job ranging from harsh vocals to incredible clean vocals. Perhaps the only difference between him and Valfar is that Valfar may have had a little more emotion in his vocals than Øvstedal, but there is nothing I would change about the vocal performances on Øvstedal. Clean vocals here in general really bring the album out, as well.

Keyboards are used sparingly - mostly as synths in the background to contribute to the overall atmosphere. Sometimes they are more apparent - Transcendental Journey is a good example here. In each track, there always is something notable that the keyboard player does.

This small little demo only has 4 tracks: 2 in English, 2 in their native tongue clocking in only around 23 minutes. Yet there is no filler - each song offers something new and something noteworthy.

"Fall of Man" reminds me of "the Spiritlord" off of Windir's 1184 album. Soaring riffs and excellent clean vocals make a great presence in this track. "Transcendental Journey" is probably the folkiest track on the album. It offers various types of synth tones and instruments which combine well with the lead guitar. The title track is probably the slowest song on the album, and it's also the most melodic and atmospheric. More outstanding clean vocals to be found on this track. The final track, "Når enden er god", is similar to "Fall of Man" because both are very catchy, but this track is generally more melodic and reminds me of Windir songs like "Heidra" or "Ætti Mørkna". The lead guitar solo at the end is amazing and ends the demo very well.

In short, Cor Scorpii and its demo Attergangar aren't quite Windir, but it's one of the closet you'll ever get at remaking the magic founded by the band. There aren't any real low points on this album. It's neither too pretentious or over the top. If you couldn't get enough of Windir, Attergangar is highly recommend for listening. But even if you've never heard of Windir, Cor Scorpii's Attergangar offers a nice paced extreme metal piece that seperates itself from the usual, mundane generic crowd that floods the metal world as we speak. And if this review hasn't convinced you yet, just go to their website and download the 4 tracks for free. You can't really beat that.