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I can't stay mad at that face - 88%

H_P Buttcraft, December 13th, 2014

Brutal death metal, I was pretty sure, was something I moved past in my life. I just couldn’t put up with it any longer. After years and years of enjoying the extreme, decadent sonic slaughter of melody and harmony from the genre, I came to the realization that it was a genre that was an outright rejection of taste, class and purity. Its morbid fascination with all things disgusting, revolting and perverse put me at odds with the genre that would sometimes bleed into my social life. But, goddammit, I loved this record.

Coprocephalic is a project from American writer and guitar player Christiani Peluso and Taiwanese musicians Larry Wang and Hsuan Liu (vocals and drums respectively). I really can’t deny it, this album was sick. The vocals sound like a belching whales esophagus, the drums are precise yet have such molecularly short beats it has the twisting force of a hurricane. This album is just purely enjoyable for all the wrong reasons.

Sure, all the songs are essentially the same style which make them almost impossible to differentiate from each other. There’s no way I can write about how “Tentacles of the Abyss” is better or worse than “Desolation of Conjoined Embodiment” because both songs have snippets of parts that are so extreme and brutal randomly dispersed with a grinding, gravity-drum blasting projection of filth and nihilism. Its almost impossible for me to even explain why this is a good thing but just go with me. It totally is.

There are several guest vocalists on ‘The Oath of Relinquishment’. Matti Way of Pathology, Disgorge and Abominable Putridity comes in to belch in the only Way Matti Way knows how on “Throne of Ooze”. Gutteral Secrete and Syphilitic vocalist Blue Jensen provides more disgusting gurgitations on the song “Retunding Our Humanity”. And, not to be outdone, Angel Ochoa, who fries his voice for bands like Cerebral Bore, Condemned, Cephalotripsy as well as Disgorge, comes in on the album’s opening track “Desolation of Conjoined Embodiment”. And then the album’s closer “(Proto)Christ” has an all out excremental orgy with Matti Way, Blue Jensen, Angel Ochoa and Larry Wang. It kind of reminded me of a Wu Tang Clan song with all of these different vocalists coming in. Obviously, this was far more brutal and grotesque.

Originally published on, 10-16-14.

Even Better Than Before - 90%

MrFail42069, August 7th, 2014

Coprocephalic have been gaining fame quite rapidly in the brutal death/slam scene, and rightfully so. Their 2013 release, "Gluttonous Chunks" was the perfect brutal death and deathcore mix, and frankly the only decent mix I've heard. This release seems more slammy to me, and that is a good thing. Larry Wang provides excellent gurgles, but this album also features Matti Way (Pathology, Abominable Putridity), Angel Ochoa (Cephalotripsy, Disgorge), and Blue Jensen (Guttural Secrete). The result is an overwhelming mix of ultra-guttural growls throughout the album. If you haven't heard the album yet, do so now.

Obviously, the vocals kick ass. The last song on the album features all of the vocalists mentioned above, and it is guaranteed to get you harder than Viagra ever could. Larry Wang and Angel Ochoa sound remarkably similar to me, while Matti Way stands out with one of his best vocal performances yet. Hell, even Blue Jensen (who I am not really a fan of) does a great job here. All 3 guest vocalists make appearances separately also, with Angel on "Desolation of Conjoined Embodiment", Matti on "Throne of Ooze", and Blue on "Retunding Our Humanity". The vocals will not disappoint if you are a fan of slam.

The music is where the album lost points with me. Of course, slam is a repetitive genre. Of course, you shouldn't expect something super exciting to happen. I'm quite aware of this, and so the album doesn't lose me too much. The instrumentals are somewhat boring, but also have their very unique moments. There are times where this album really shines, and moments where it sounds a bit generic. You can expect lots of bone crushing slams, with plenty of technical riffage to accompany it. While neither the guitarist or drummer stand out much, both do a great job playing fast, technical, and heavy. Don't expect some Wormed style technicality, or Devourment quality brutality, but rather a mix.

Overall, this is a great release. This is a great release for fans of brutal death/slam, deathcore, and anybody who enjoyed their last release.