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Great, aside from the predictably shoddy mix - 84%

MutantClannfear, December 18th, 2013

Coprocephalic, apparently one of three or four BDM bands nowadays that are out to prove themselves as an unrelenting creative engine, have released a single just two months after their first album saw an official release. This new song is pretty great, as per Coprocephalic standards, and only suffers from the flaws one would expect from a promo single.

If you're reading this you probably know the drill with Coprocephalic by now - expect Wormed-styled spacey technicality in the form of dissonant arpeggios and pretty noodly bits, accented with slams and deathcore-based chugs and riffs, mixed in with a variety of tempos and altogether impressive amount of shifts in pacing for a BDM band. Believe it or not, this song sounds exactly like the material on Gluttonous Chunks, and the band haven't altered their music's composition in any way over the unspeakably long period of time known as "about two months". That is to say it's awesome - even though this song is short, it's still got its fair share of "UNFFFF" moments. A good example would be the vaguely djenty, "pretty" riff that pops up around 1:46, but the cold, ambient synth that drenches the outro breakdown is also very nice.

Really, the only downside to "Cryogenic Chambers" is that the music here doesn't sound like it was mixed - funnily enough, in a way it almost kind of reminds me of Planisphærium's claustrophobic and void production job (though not really in a good way). The guitars aren't as big and as upfront as they probably should be, considering that one of the band's strengths on their full-length was the matter of how ridiculously in-your-face their music was. The vocals aren't reverb-drenched or panned (which was what made the multi-tracked approach work so well on the full-length) and they retain what sounds like a bit of bottom-end noise that should have been excised. I'm willing to chalk it up to the possibility of this being an altogether unfinished song, as the actual music is just as great as the band's full-length. It's available for free download, so feel free to pick it up if you don't mind the actual sound being a bit rough around the edges.